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Hi! I'm Mariam

Hi, my dear friends,


Through the years I have been searching, praying, knocking and asking, to find out what is best for me and mine in many areas of life. Even though I cannot tell you with certainty that I am fully equipped, to the point of perfection, I have been able to find what is and works best for our lives as women, daughters, mothers, and the love partners.

So here in "My Ami Way", I have opened my heart to share with you some thoughts and ideas that have worked for me. I want to share my life in the hope it will help someone out there.

Sometimes this social media is the cause of many a discord. Well, I sure want to use it for a positive impact in everyone's life. None of us have it all together all the time, and many of us truly need help and friendship from time to time. This is what I am here for with all my heart.

I look forward to hearing from you and if you have some good ideas and stories and recipes that could help make this life a better place, I encourage you to share them with all of us too.

My Ami is not Your Ami, but I am sure that we have some common needs and tastes alike.

So, grab a cup of the tea you like to drink the most, Sit back and get ready to be the best you that you can be.


From "My Ami Way” to yours,




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