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A Beautiful Life!

To live a beautiful life is to abide in love and unselfishness towards others forever.

To abide in love means to pitch your tent there, in love.

To permanently make your abode there, in love, and to take a stand there from where no one or nothing can move you.

To have someone else’s life be more important than your own.

To sing regardless of how long the night was and how strong the cry was and how hard the pain was or how unjustly the treatment or betrayal was.

To keep your word no matter how uncomfortable it makes you.

To get up and dust yourself and try again no matter how many times you´ve fallen.

To admit when you are wrong and ask for forgiveness.

To forgive regardless of the offense done to you until you barely notice it.

To never feel envious of someone else´s good fortunes, attributes or abilities.

To be amazed by the fact that we are the only one of us, unrepeatable. There is no other one like us in the whole universe or galaxies out there.

To be truly beautiful one has to live by self-denials, unpublished acts of kindness and courtesies, small triumphs of the heart, victories unseen, favors to others never spoken of.

To never complain no matter what, and to always be full of thanksgiving for every situation and towards everyone.

To let go of yourself and what the norm says you should do, and submerge in trusting that if you live this loving way you will never fail.

To adjust your vision to goodness and look for it everywhere and towards everyone, without regards of how absurd it looks to the natural eye.

To go out of your way, and feel everyone’s emotions, and see the value in them all. And put on daily eye drops of compassion.

To never say words that you will later regret. And to only speak words that build someone up. Words that put smiles on everyone's face and words of encouragement.

To say I love you at least 1000 times a day, to all who cross your path.

Beautiful lives are rare in history. They are as shooting stars that light up the night sky and then disappear leaving a trace of glittering dust in the sky. Some of the most beautiful people are never really seen and are in the most common places imagined, living almost in obscurity. Where there is no one to write their history and no tongue to sing their praise.

True beauty is from the soul, from within not noticed but by only a few that have an eye to see in that realm.

I once knew a beautiful woman that changed my life and branded me with her love forever.

She was as wise as they come and yet the world did not know her. But to the few of us that did, her beautiful light shines eternally in our lives and today I am publicly thanking her for it.

She was soft spoken and full of passion and compassion. An amazing woman, most amazing wife, and mother and grandmother and most excellent friend.

A beautiful loving life which quietly performed each mundane duty, with a thoughtful attention and a tender uncomplaining helpfulness to all.

Adorning herself with the sweetest smile that could have made the dead alive again.

Her name does not really matter, but her beautiful life on this earth turned heads in Heaven.

She was always happy to greet me and others. And always had time for me no matter what she was doing or how busy she was with other important things. Others needs always came first.

By far, the most excellent cook because she used to always tell me that she cooked her meals with all her heart and love was the main ingredient. Her recipes were the ones that filled my soul since I was very young. Her recipe for love was my favorite, and the one I learned to cook the best.

These were spoken recipes, lived very vividly before me every day, with consistency and true beauty, faithful, and joyous.

Joyous, like songs, that fill your heart with contentment when you heed them. They were like a delicious feast that you could not wait to partake of, desirable to all the senses. Like waiting with great anticipation when you were young, to see that friend you so love.

I was very blessed to have this beautiful woman’s life weave into every fiber of my being, unnoticeable threads of pure gold, that filled my life with confidence, real purpose, direction and love.

I now realize that it is the small, unnoticed, soul taken decisions you make for life, that make us beautiful, and adorn us from the inside out for.

Decisions like being faithful to one man or woman for life and being happy doing it. Like never abandoning anyone you care for when things get tight or tough or uncomfortable. Like never being too busy to listen and give a needy soul a shoulder to cry on, identifying with their pain and making it your own. Like believing and hoping the best of every person always regardless of the outcome.

Like wanting the best of life for everyone even if it is not to your own benefit.

Like giving of your time to someone else where you will gain nothing else but the pleasure of knowing you made someone else happy and not yourself, and being able to enjoy it.

Like hugging the unhuggable and loving the unlovable because, at the end, we are all huggable and lovable in Gods eyes.

This kind of living makes you beautiful, living like this makes one sleep very good at night, no matter what is going on outside.

There have been way too many times I have fallen short of this kind of beauty, and I have miserably failed to follow this great woman's example. I ask The Lord to help me everyday make a decision to put me in remembrance of this living.

Because it truly makes you get up every morning full of hope and thanksgiving. And it makes you sing from the heart. And that is reflected in our complexion and physical performance.

This kind of living removes all the bad spots and wrinkles because it comes from within.

We need to go back to basics and live this way again. It is this kind of good living that makes all of us beautiful. It is what every one of us is looking for.

It makes you happy, content with yourself and confident to face all kind of storms in life and no matter how bad the shipwreck was, you can rebuild and sail again.

It is what has made the music industry wealthy. It is the pursuit of that beautiful love-filled life.

This is who we all are. This is what we all are deeply and truly searching to find. And even though some have lost their sense of direction to achieve it, I sure hope this letter will set you back on your path because it is the most satisfying and amazingly beautiful life one can ever hope to live and have. And this is the only way to achieve it.

As I have been bombarded left and right with all kind of destroyers of true beauty in life, I am thankful today that all these external distractions have made me pull inward and look for The Lord to help me recall and provoked me, to stir myself up within, this beautiful gift of life that was given to me, and that has been given to us all, since before we were born.

I am very thankful that my life was filled with beauty from within by this one amazing, loving woman whom so unselfishly took all her patience and time full of love, to pour it into me.

Today, I compel you all to say with me that, come what may,


Selah (In Hebrew it means: to pause and carefully meditate upon this.)

This is Mariam From My Ami Way to Yours!

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