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A Light In Dark Places

Don't be afraid if your answer to your prayer is delayed.

For sometimes we have to go through the test, to bring out our very best.

To make us understand that we have to trust, pray, believe and stand, so that we will sync-in harmoniously, to play in His band.

For God is not deaf and for sure He is not blind.

Yes, all the world He keeps close in mind.

Many times He lets us go through things so we can come out on the other end refined.

The process is the same for all who bear His name.

And favorites He has none. For all He died, not just some.

So cheer up my friend and learn to lean on Him and on Him alone depend.

For as a bright light in this troubled world of darkness our final days are to be dispensed.

Sometimes the answer to our prayers is delayed and many times we have to wait a long while, to see the manifestation of it.

But God hears us the first time we ask Him.

But in our finite minds we cannot understand that God has a planned path for us to go

through if we are to get what we asked Him for.

It is something like if you need a tire changed in your car. You may think that all you have to do is just change it and the car will be fine then. But, you have to remove certain items before you can change the tire and you have to do it a certain way. There is a bit of work involved in doing that in order to have the car drive along good.

It takes the removal of bolts, and checking and fixing the tire or putting on a new one and

then realigning all the tires. It is not that simple. Well, in some kind of way like that God works out the answers to our prayers.

We don't see the whole picture, we can't, but we do have a promise for the end result. The question is how bad do you want it? and, for how long are you willing to stand? and most

important, does it fit in with God's ultimate plan for all of our lives?

My dear friends, God's ways of working things out are not ours. We are only, for the most of us, are concerned about our deals being worked out, and not how our deal fits into the main plan in God's whole Plan.

See, God doesn't work or act selfishly. NEVER! His ways always benefit more than one.

So we have to take the fruit of patience and exercise it like a muscle. It will and is beneficial to all of us to have patience.

So Be addicted to becoming stronger as you wait for your answered prayer. Become stronger In your body, in your mind, in your faith, in your walk with The Lord, and in your love

walk. And trust Him, because He is going to bring it to pass.

This is Mariam wishing you to become addicted to growing stronger every day.

From My Ami to Yours, remember to Keep Love Above.

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