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A Poem to Never Give Up

No matter how hard it gets Never Give up.

When my sons were very small I decided to look for every dictionary I had in the house and tore the word QUIT from them.


When things don't go as planned, when the road that you are travelling on seems to only go uphill and there seemes to be no money coming only bill after bill.

When you try with all your strength to smile but all you can do is cry and cry. Take a break if you must but never give up.

When the pace seems to slow and on every side troubles blow, when there is no friend to console your soul, the victory may just be around the corner for all you know, so don't give up.

They say success is defeat turned inside out, that small silver lining in our skies of doubt.

How often we quit before we stand tall and long to get what we came for and be where we belong.

So stick to the fight and keep on with your head fully upright. For all victors have walked that road down before they got to wear their crown.

So stir yourself up and know that the night is not that dark and long

for many others have gone up where you and I belong.

Stay on your course as an iron horse, for you will soon drink from the victor's cup.

So Never give up, sweet victory is about to show up!.

“What do you think when you read this?”

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