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A Sad Destination Of Trolley Rides

I have been in my thinking room today, pondering about life and liberty the pursuit of happiness. So I thought about all the people that have to take anti-depressants today, because they can't cope with life and can't find happiness. I know there are times in your life when things are not hunky-dory. I know this one very well. But my dear that is life. Life is hard most times than not. Life is sacrifice and hardship. Life is sometimes having to face sad events. The minute we are born we are on our way to the grave. That is the Gospel truth.

My grandma used to tell me that the only people that lived a perfectly peaceful life with no inconveniences, were all living in cemeteries. Well, no thank you, at least, not yet.

So a nice but yet not so good for us word came to my mind. Convenience.

Aha, I am by no means Einstein but I believe this is a big part of all the pill-popping culture of today. We have to live numb, feel less intense because of convenience.

So I had to look it up and here it is. The meaning according to the dictionary of convenience:



1. the state of being able to proceed with something with little effort or difficulty.

"the museum has a cafeteria for your convenience"

Think about it. Today things are too convenient. Way too much if you ask me. It has become our great liberator. It's not such a bad thing, really?

We have hopped upon the trolley rides of convenience for everything in life because it requires no brains nor skills. It has completely made the ability to think of any other option as unthinkable. Are you crazy? If it's not convenient it's not good.

Bear with me for a bit. When you get things easily given to you, with practically no effort, life becomes boring. You depend on say a microwave, dishwasher, frozen dinners, smartphones, well you name it. It is very easy living with all these things, I use them and love them but I have to use the least amount of effort because of them. And we humans have this built in us that when we have nothing to challenge us we get bored and you know what happens when this sets in. Struggles and efforts give meaning to life. Facing them and working to fix them gives us confidence. We have been seduced by the dark side of convenience. It has enslaved us to the path of least resistance.

That is never good for any of us. Think also on the obesity epidemic because of fast food restaurants. They are very convenient to have but they are a demise for our health.

Don't get me wrong, I like and use all these items that make life easy but I love a challenge and try to do things that take effort and physical energy as much as I can. I am very satisfied and settled when I do.

I cook every meal we eat. I love doing it. I would rather stay home and fix a great dinner and watch a movie. And it is an enjoyable journey. I have to plan what I will cook, so I imagine what would taste good and what ingredients will work better for my meal. I make a list of the things I need, go to the store, buy them, and then come home and fix my meal.

Oh, I love doing that. I also cannot wait to eat it and see and hear the satisfaction of my loved ones when they taste it. That fills me with great joy. I think that frozen dinners are too impersonal, horrible tasting and not exciting. That's my personal opinion.

How about ironing? I like doing it and the feeling that it gives me when I see myself or my loved ones looking spiffy because of my effort is just priceless. It gives me joy.

I believe that convenience is a destination without an exciting journey. There are no sparks about it. Nothing to it. It's all done the easy way.

That is the reason why so many, I believe, have lost the joy of life and take a pill and ignore or really think about what is really bothering them.

Another example is, you can go and climb the mountain, put on your hiking shoes, take a backpack with water, see the colorful flowers along the path. Smell the grass and beautiful sage, pick the flowers and make a bouquet. How about the critters, and birds. Or you can take a tram up the mountain.

You see what I mean. Sometimes convenience takes the joy out.

A destination without a journey is no fun. I was raised in a time when we did not have to carry a phone to check where we were going. We would stop and ask for directions and sometimes that was an adventure and we finally got to where we needed to.

I try to, as much as I can, to not get so crippled and bound by convenience.

To me, it is boring and unpleasant and sometimes it drives me mad. I love notebooks so I write a lot in them and I go through pens and paper like its running out of style. I love buying a book I like and reading it and marking it, underlining it, and making notes on it's pages. I love hiking and walking and cooking and anything that makes me spend my energy. I love that.

Yes, I have a car, and smartphone and microwave. But there are times I want to enjoy the journey so I put them away and do it the old fashion way. By the way, "the old fashion way" is not so bad. Kingdoms were built that way.

How convenient is your life?

This is Mariam From My Ami Way to yours wishing you a not so convenient life.

Enjoy the journey and remember to Keep Love Above

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