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Another Night With The Frogs? Not For Me!

There are many voices in the world out there telling us, women, what our roll in life should be and what real womanhood is like. What the definition of a great woman is. And what the true behaviors of one are.

It is mindboggling the amount of crossed information I have found out there and in the end, you are more confused than helped. So I started to jot down on my notebook some of the world's elites on this subject and all they had to say. And then I looked up some of what God in His word says. It is pretty much the opposite. But I shouldn't have been surprised.

I was raised and brought up in a patriarchal family. My father worked outside the home and my mother took care of the home and five kids. I am the oldest of five. I tell you it was not an easy task to do responsibly and feed five kids. Not in any sense of the imagination today.

Raising a family in the sixties, and in Latin America was hard. It was expensive for my father to keep the five of us in private schools and especially because he wanted us to learn English.

He was of the opinion that we were to be given access to the best and he was the main responsible to do that. So my parents in conjunction, dividing tasks, set out to do it. I also have to tell you that one year after they married, they had me. My mother was nineteen and my father was twenty-three. None of them had a college degree. Just Highschool.

On top of that, our house had to be big enough for seven people to live in and a car big enough to hold all of us in and then food and clothing and bills. It was hard. However, they did it and survived on my dad's salary for a while, before he went and started his own with a business.

When I was in high school, I remember telling my mom I wanted to be a rock star singer, guitar player, like Pat Benatar. Well, all hell broke loose. I was punished for thinking that. She did not even try to understand my urgency to do this most wonderful idea of mine so that I could be famous and make a lot of money. I was not interested in family nothing.

Especially having kids. Well, she told me that the most important, pressing issue was that I learned to cook, clean, fix the home, decorate it, sew, learn to fix myself pretty, walk and talk pretty, and learn to take care of children because I had to get married to a very successful man and have a family. The other crazy stuff I was thinking was not for real ladies and not good for any woman to follow if she was to have a good life.

Well, she said a decent life.

Yes, I was raised that way. And then, in my American school where I graduated from, there were some feminist-ideas teachers, and when I came home with one of my standing up for my individual rights as woman ideas, that I had heard in school, my mom would beat it quickly out of me. She told me those women did not live in the real world and that they were all dirty looking hippies good for nothing. Yikes, my mom was a tough lady to deal with. But she was right.

My mother sewed beautiful clothing, she could have gone to be a dress designer and not raise so many kids. But she chose to be a mom instead. Our house was spotless and meals were great.

Our rooms had to look spic and span always. We used to plan family picnics and family was always around for every birthday and holiday.

We had my grandmas and aunts to help take care of us. I loved being with my dad's mom and dad. It was a very normal structured family, it still is, when I fly back here it is like time stood still. Men are looked upon as the wiser and to take care of business outside the home and finances, and women are to keep the home and all that curtails. To me, that was the norm. To me, there was nothing wrong with that.

Then I married an Ex-Marine guy, and moved to America and feminism had already, and for a while, taken over everyone's mind and blindfolded many. To me, in my understanding and way of being, and how I had been raised, it looked as if the some of these women were groping in full sunlight.

I really thought they were missing so much goodness and wholeness that family gives.

I have met some of these more-power-to-women ladies in America, and they believe that I am sick in the head, to put it mildly, some have flat out told me that I am an idiot for not seeing the damage to womanhood and equality and individuality I am losing with those subservient lifestyles. Why should I get so concerned with looking pretty for any guy? That my life is more valuable than any man's thought of me, and it's better to not dare look up to any man to take care of me or to make me feel complete.

Because after all men are jerks. They serve no needed purpose other than sex and still then.

That unless men understand like women and act like women and you can speak to them like to women, they are no good.

So men should become estrogen driven, emotional beings?

God help the world. I rejected that kind of men. Not my type.

So I was pretty sure it was going to be hard for me to find some kind of woman bonding with these ladies. Every conversation was degrading men and It was rubbing off on me.

So I had to sever all ties and hang on my own. At least I could breathe in peace. I believe anyway, that the older you get the pickier you have to become as to who you let in too close.

Feminism has rotted America if you ask me. It is leaving us with empty homes. Empty of the joys of the differences and respects and needs towards each other, and that is men and women differences. It is a stink in my nostrils. It is like sleeping with frogs. Disgusting and of no real value or good. Then I realized that I had been adopting, very passively some of its behaviors and ideas. They had crept up very subtle, and unconsciously I was buying into some of these lies. Then I understood why I was sometimes feeling the anger and the resentment and anxiety these produce. So with all my mind and will I called it what it is and got it out of my life and system.

As I Look around and see that the family unit has pretty much disintegrated, so bad, that many of our kids are left unsupervised, feeling unloved, left in a daycare on hours unending, to be taught and mainly raised by someone with perhaps different beliefs and values than you, and why?

Did we not choose to have children to raise them ourselves?

But because of a feminist belief that women have to pursue a mighty position of power more than to raise a family, women leave their offspring to be raised by someone else and end up not paying much attention to them. Then as they get older these kids experiment with drugs and violence and sex and have a void. A sentiment of not fitting nor belonging.

They are counting on mom and dad but they are not to be found. Mom has a job and has to provide because feminism has pushed, shoved, men into this disrespectful, unneeded and useless place in women's lives. Women's careers and equality pursuing ambitions are making women dis-functional, neurotic, delusional, angry and tired. And dad has, unfortunately, bit the feminist hook into being a wimp with no responsibility, no real men aggressive drive. Because Feminism has shamed men into a dark corner of unusefulness. And they hate being out there in that position. But they don't dare say anything because women sue them, and accuse them of all kind of ugly things, so men out of fear just play the dumb game.

Many men have become big babies. Immature adults. Kings of Neverland. Men without a compass. Unable to be proactive in changing their course because the laws of this feminist agenda are like iron sealed to men, untouchable. And with all that has been happening with the sex scandals in the media, men better stay put and quiet. It is not to their advantage to fight with women. That will look aggressive and out of place today.

Women have taken over the job market and because of our nature, we are dedicated, hard-working, reliable, able to sacrifice and go the extra mile kind people, so guys think that if women can do all this why should they even try anymore. They would much rather go and stay in their man caves and have fun. And then they stop pursuing their duties as husbands and fathers. As providers.

Today, feminisms ideas are tolerated, well, more like, promoted by big governments who want to be the dad in everyone's home and if you need anything look for the government to help you, there is some government agency that will solve your need. So, men have stepped out of their place because they are being driven out, on purpose.

I had never seen so many stay-at-home dads as today. And, let's face it, men don't have the instinct, nature, capacity, of a woman to tend to the children. So I can just imagine the men so upset and edgy because it is not their nature to fulfill that role. So home becomes chaos. Men are hunters not the fixers of the nests.

Oh, yes, I dare say it as it is. Go do a bit of investigating and find the true facts that back what I am telling you. feminism has ruined our family structures. And men are being shamed into taking on women positions. Because Feminism says that now the roles of gender are to be equal. But nature cannot be boxed. If it is, it will not be too long before it breaks out in rage.

Well, here is a little reality fact check, my dears, we will never be as a man is. Never. I don't care how much you cry, march, protest, demand, psych yourself or how much you get on the face ugly about it. Get over it honey bunny, It ain't gonna happen. Well, maybe when pigs fly.

Starting with this difference in physiology, women have babies come out of them, men will never experience that. Women are born nurturers, men are born aggressive, hunters and providers, protectors of the family.

I had to come back home, to this country of my birth, Costa Rica, to see this despicable thing so clearly. I am not saying that people here, have no problems or live happy all day long. No. But we do have a sense of belonging that gives our compass as a woman, a sure, secure way to travel and there is no struggle added to it.

Boy, some of these ladies I know in America think they are being mistreated by the evil men. There? Men in America have been "estrogenized" passive non-engaging with women. They will not dare look you in the eye for fear of being sued as a sexual predator. It is very sad to see this.

It doesn't work that way where I come from and women are not dying or neurotic because of it. We just know how men nature is and accept it and deal with it in a no big deal way. We know that if a guy is a good guy he will first and foremost, have a job so he can support you and will provide for the family as the head of the family. And then on the other side, the woman that is a good woman will care for his personal needs and home. She will make him the king of the castle. Where he rules and he protects her in his arms.

We believe here, in this small country, that if you as a woman, are out alone, and go out half dressed, someone is going to rape you because that is not good you are inviting this to yourself. That is male nature. Some men have self-restraint but most don't and if you go out like that some ugly thing may happen to you. And you are pretty much responsible for it. And don't complain too much if it happens. And we don't consider ourselves women-bashers because of that fact. We are women and love it. But we can't go out pretending that men will get it.

We know men are very different from us and no matter how much we want it not to be so it is an inborn thing we can't and will never change. So we better act accordingly, it is our own responsibility. Don't be naive.

That is another big difference, guys look at a sexy, halfway dressed girl and testosterone takes over. Like I said, some can control it but many won't and bad things can happen sometimes because of it. Women can look at the same sexy, halfway dressed girl and, ok, an ugly truth about womanhood, we get pissed, because we don't look like that, and insult the girl out of pure envy. But we will never want to jump her bones. How about that difference my feminist friends.

This ideology of being equal to men is ruining our lives very deeply to the core.

God did not make a mistake when he made us. It is good to be different it makes the two of us a well-equipped team for the family structure to function well.

My mom and dad, who have issues like any other couple, have been married 59 years. My dad jokes about it saying he needs to have a big saintly statue done of him for holding on that long.

And even though he has had three heart attacks, the last one was a pretty bad one, and prostate cancer, he is still strong, drives his car, calls us every day, he loves family around and gathers us together as much as he can. He takes care of all the house finances still, goes to the supermarket, and drives to his office when he feels like it now because my brother took over the brunt of the business he built back in the early 1970's.

I love coming home, but I have really loved it more this time around, because I realize how blessed I am to still have my mom and my dad alive and well and under the same roof, I stay in my childhood room and see all my aunts and cousins and we celebrate everyone's birthday with parties and yes, men talk about the troubles with their women and women talk about the troubles with their men. That has been the same forever, but that is it, just venting and not earth-shattering.

I have a great man I share my life with back in America. I love taking care of our home and making it his castle and taking care of him. I really enjoy it. It makes me happy and gives me stability in life. More than being a Pat Benatar.

Yes, I complain about him sometimes, and him also about me, but we love each other in this wonderful old kind of way.

One that has been proven throughout the ages to last and give your life significance and grounding. So, I have to tell feminism and all its logic, You are not cut out for me. I like my simple way of living, call me all the names you want and insult me all you want, it is certainly not going to give me cancer and kill me. I am not interested in being equal to any man. I am not interested in conquering the world of finances and being a business tycoon that has a Lear jet to fly around to all these world-shaking, world-molding, world-revolutionizing meetings.

No, I am not. I will dare say this to women, none of us will, all we can really hope and pray to get is a good paying job. That is what the majority can only obtain.

Perhaps there is only but a very small percentage of women worldwide that have done amazing things and do. But, wake up my dear friend, this will always be a man's world. And I am just great with that.

Oh Thank The Lord, I have come home, to my senses, here at the home of my birth, and I am here to stay firm and stand firm in this position forever.

My smile is a bigger one today, now that I have settled this once and for all. I love to be a housewife. There is no shame in that. A woman that needs to rely on a man for strength and care. And there is no shame in that either.

To this soul, that is life unspeakable and full of Glory living!

This is Mariam and this is My Ami Way.

I pray that today you really think about this and with sincerity you see the truth.

And Come back home.

Thank you and remember to Keep Love Above.

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