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"Democrarruption" The Politics In-Vogue

Whether we like it or not, Corruption is the new political party of almost all Latin American countries and it's disguised under the "Democracy" banner. It is under, above, and behind, every party flag running for a presidency or congress here.

I have been on an eye-opening, no holds bar quest for the truth here in these blessed, prosperous grounds and have faced a terrible reality,  it's all is going downhill really quick.

And no one seems to really care about getting to the bottom of "why", Why?

During the last years, Latin America has been facing a movement to end the corruption of the worst kind that is in every branch of government. However to no avail. It seems that the harder the people try the worst it gets. Venezuela is a perfect example of it. Citizens, sick and tired of empty promises, elect the one who promises change and hope for their future only to find out that whatever liberty they had is completely wiped away by a dictator that settles in, tears the constitution and starts its ruthless terrorist dictatorship. 

Confiscating, property, bank accounts, guns, food, you name it. All in the name of "We want and know what is best for you". "We are The Best". But these politicians know very well that they can all take advantage of the people and have their votes because they can be bought. I mean the people also can be bought. They all are, to some extent of more or less, one and the same. 

I wondered why this happens and started asking questions only to find out that they have all been so brainwashed by their denials of reality, by calling things as they are and change. But that seems impossible. For real change to ever take place, you have to face your own truth and reality, which everyone has an excuse to deny.

So we can't have change that is real and lasting because the blind can't lead the blind ever.

I do not like to do what I am about to do, but I have to in order for you to understand me.

So here I go.

The United States was founded by Christian principals.

The Ten Commandments are the base of its governing laws. 

The Forefathers thought it was best to put in place statutes that went along with The God of The Bible's right way of living.

So they left England where they were forbidden to worship any other way than The Church of England's way, and it was a corrupt church with many corrupt practices. So they sailed to America and tried this new, better way of living. And it has worked for many years.

The God of The Bible's way of living teaches responsibility and accountability to Him. There is nothing grey in"Thou shalt not steal". Well, The Church of England was not too fond of following that. And people were taken advantage of pretty much if they did not belong to the hierarchy.

The religious teachings of The Church of England were to be followed by the people but the " Anointed Elect" ones did not have to abide by them. So their laws favored only a few.

The Laws in The United States are upheld and feared and obeyed by everyone. 

There are consequences to be faced if you break them and these consequences are applied and have to be paid in full. Whether you are rich, poor, black, white, male, female, old or young. And more so in government. It really matters not where you come from, you will face the pipper for real. 

So that makes people have respect for authority. From the top down, there may be some that slip under the wire, but still, the majority can't and has to pay and be punished. 

It is great to know that you drive there and you know you have to watch for street lights and pedestrians and you have to abide by the road rules or else a highway patrol will appear from nowhere and, if you are breaking the rules, you will be in trouble. Real trouble. 

There is no bribing, crying, or playing dumb. You know the rules. So the majority of Americans are raised to obey authority.

You get my picture.

Well my dears, not so in much of Latin America. 

Here, we were colonized and conquered by Spaniards, Europeans, that were pretty much, thieves, murderers, bad people, all from their jails. That is what came in the ships with Columbus. They came to do whatever they could to take the gold from the indigenous people here and they used the covering to do it "legally" of the Catholic Church.

They raped the girls and split the gold and lied and cheated and then prayed a rosary, and paid penance, to be absolved of their sins.

Well, The Monarchies in Europe got rich and so did the Catholic Roman Church. And they killed whomever "Indian" did not convert. What happened to "Thou shalt not commit murder"?

Today, there are no real rules to fear because if you are of the chosen few wealthy families, you can pay your way out of trouble and your wrongs will be "erased".  Sort of, kind of that way.

You can tell a "white" lie and no one thinks it is wrong. 

"Thou shalt not bear false witness" is just a nice thing to think of, but only for the populace.

The "Anointed Church and Government Elites" don't necessarily have to abide by it.

Over here, in these Latin Lands, They have a form of Godliness, but the power thereof is completely non-existent.

Rampant corruption to gain power and money in huge government, and it is the norm. It is in every day's news and in every country some in less degree than others, but it is in all.

Here, BIG governments are the way to go.

Government is the provider of the most jobs and it is very inefficient, very lazy too. And it's damaging tentacles are in every aspect of your daily life.

If someone does you wrong, you can go sue them but, good luck getting a hearing in an expedite and conscientious manner.

Unless you have the money to buy a judge or court official.

Some thugs may come in your home and rob you at gunpoint but if you dare have a gun you cannot kill the person because it is illegal to bear arms in most countries. They sell you a bunch of lies about peace-loving and human rights defenders. Only to take away your precious, God-given power to protect yourself and loved ones.

A bunch of hogwash. Zero Development for the good of the people just for the good of the few government officials pockets.

Over here where I was born and raised, we have no army, go figure. They are proud of that. I used to be proud too but, 

 when you go to the military they teach you discipline, respect for God and Country and Family. You give your life for the service of others and make your life count for a very selfless duty.

There is no discipline for anything here. Because it is not a very necessary virtue. The Catholic Church in Rome, The Vatican, has a bank. And look at all the millions of poor churchgoers it has, do you think they help the poor that much? No, they help themselves and then give a bit, but not too much because they are God's Chosen, they that are on the top. 

Their virtue is in the bigger, most expensive car you drive or house you live in. And how the populace bows to you.

Another example of not really caring for anyone but themselves is that if you have an appointment at 3:00 p.m. please expect it to be delayed. You will have to sit there and wait at least three hours. They will tend to you when it is convenient. Your word doesn't mean much in these lands.

And disrespect of peoples time, effort and punctuality don't bother anyone. Ever. They all make an excuse that it is an appointment at 3:00 p.m., but, they all tell you with a smile, "remember where you are now, and we go by, here on, "Tico Time". No Respect for anyone. Wrong.

These are all beautiful, geographical lands, full of good-looking, smart people, who have big families and care for family values,  but be careful if you go visit as a tourist, you will be overcharged, taken advantage of if anyone feels like it because it is their "modus vivendi" here and nothing is wrong with that. Well, it is SHAMEFUL and WRONG! 

Not the pillars under which any great family, society or culture or can thrive.

So people want a change, but they are blind to see that these little foxes have spoiled the vine big time. 

And to try and explain to them is like talking to a tree. 

Besides that, you try to explain all this and they call you ugly names and a traitor. "You are so wrong Mariam, don't you love your people? It's not that bad, relax, take a chill pill and don't be so hard judging". That's what they say. 

Very Sad. Because I am not insulting them, I love them, but we have to face these realities straight on, just as I have in my own self, with the facts of a truth that is so ingrained our ways. And unless we are willing to face it we cannot get better.  

I know this is not very nice what I write about but, it is the honest truth. Unless we have a few more people that are willing to speak out the truth and make the change with courage and determination, we will continue, seriously, this downward spiral. 

I love America because it is very easy to live there. The rules are very clear and to be followed by all. Everyone has to flow the same way, there are no favorites. If you work hard you prosper and get ahead.

In Latin America, you can work hard but if you don't have the right last name, and money attached to it, you will never get ahead.

You are confronted with paying bribes, lying, stepping over anyone to get ahead, not making lines, cheating, you name it, and people see it as the normal way of living. 

They complain but do nothing about it to put an end to it because everyone in one way or another does it. 

They all call themselves Democracies but there is so much corruption everywhere that it practically impossible to wipe the slate and start clean.

God Bless America My Home Sweet Home.

God give us the wisdom to defend our Democracy and wipe out every trace of corruption that tries to infiltrate our lives.

God make us courageous to speak out and stand up for what is the truth and the best for the whole. And God, please help our local and state government from listening and inclining their tendency to all the lies and deceptions of the "Social Justice" kind of worms, because I have seen and lived first hand, the damage and cancer it brings. And the void of real truthful meaning it has.

This is Mariam From My Ami Way to Yours.

Remember to Keep Love Above.

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