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Do You Believe? Are You Just Playing?

Thousands of years ago, before Jesus was born, the Bible prophesied about His birth. As a matter of fact, there are 300 prophesies about it. It told of where He would be born, when and how. No one but God could have known that. Jesus couldn't have planned it either. Neither could anyone else.

The Bible also prophesied about His death. And yes even before He was born. King David wrote in the book of psalms that he would die on a cross. Even before any Romans appeared on the scene, this prophecy of His death at Calvary was written.

Only God could have known that.

God knows what, how and when the end of the age will be and He has been sending us warnings. Written in His Holy Word are the signals and timings of this event. And many of His prophets have been telling us. The last one to remind us was Dr. Billy Graham before he went home to be with The Lord.

There is a time coming and very soon where you will have to but believe, because it will be very visible to everyone.

But I am so sorry to let you know that at that point it will be too late for many.

So my dear friend, if you have never read this Holy book that is so alive and relevant today, this book, The Bible, is full of His mercy, grace, and love for us all, I am asking you to read it.

You have it ALL to lose. Believe me or not, you do.

I did not make it up neither did anyone else. I also have to tell you that in Heaven there is extreme vetting.

I know you may laugh and think I have lost it, but the truth is that I really haven't. I have been called from the reserves back to take my place in His Mission of Salvation to Mankind and I am glad to do it as I promised Him I would do. So I am back where I have always belonged.

A few weeks ago I had a terrible accident. My mom's car was totaled. It was a complete loss.

I was coming back from church that morning at around 10 am, and this old man ran a red light. I was by myself in the car, thank The Lord. No one was injured. The insurance people called my mom, who hadn't seen the car, and asked her "how hurt was the person driving"? My mom told them they were crazy and liars because I was fine and not even a scratch happened to me.

No, not to me, or the man and two other ladies in the car that hit me. Not one hair of our heads was missing.

That night, in my bed, after the tremendous shock I was in, on my knees praying and thanking The Lord. I heard the voice of God calling me and I knew then that I had been spiraling downhill away from Him and had to get back in the fold. So I did.

It was not a coincidence that that morning the preacher in the church had a word for me at the service. I had never met this man before and I had never gone to that church before. He gave me a specific word for me and my life in America and how The Lord had taken me back to live there again.

I knew this was serious business. I had been living a life, not in depravity, but not as a true Christian. Smoking cigarettes, drinking a bit too much and lollygagging around, not Holy, separated as unto Him, as God asks us in His Word to live by. Not as part of The Church, His body here on earth, without a spot or wrinkle.

I had been asking The Lord to use me again as I had been in the past. I had been seeking Him wholeheartedly for the last year. I was becoming very uncomfortable with life as usual. I was reading His word like I never had before. I was praying for people like I never had before. I had an urgency to seek Him as I never did before. And He was holding me to my word, and this time with no space to wiggle out of it.

He had me as broken as I had felt for a long time. "We are coming to end of the age days, can I count on you Mariam"? That was the question He asked me the night of the accident.

My answer was Yes Lord!

There is a Storm coming and God told me that this storm is being sent because The Church, His Body here in The United States, is no longer the backbone of This Nation. He told me that America had left the principals on which it was founded and it had become as an empty, power of God void place.

America has lost her salt and her light is no longer bright for the world to see and be saved. This is what He told me.

He told me that He is putting His house in order first. Starting now.

He is putting us all, all who have given their lives for His purpose, He is putting us back in place and removing anything and everything that stands in the way of it because we have serious things for Eternity to do. God is serious because time is short and unfortunately the only way people pay attention is when tragedy strikes.

We are living in the most intense times this world has seen for a long time. Just consider the United States.

There are many things we have not faced in America for a couple of generations…

We have not faced forced relocation due to a financial collapse or a huge national disaster…..

We have not faced war fought on American soil…..

We have not been bombed again.....

Many many things we have not gone through yet, Thank The Lord, but they are coming and if God didn't even spare His people, The Jews, for being disobedient to Him, how do you think we rank on that one with Him?

The love of unrighteous gain is so great that crime has become an accepted economy among many in our nation. The most grotesque scars on American humanity besides rampant abortion are prostitution and sex trafficking. Sex trafficking has become a major ‘industry’ in the USA in the last decade, while the Department of Justice keeps asleep at the wheel.

We forget that blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled. Part of the Christian life is walking with Jesus and longing to be like Him. Not many churches are preaching on Holy Living. They think once saved, always saved. Not true. Or else why could there be a possibility of your name being blotted out from The Lambs Book of Life?

Others have become bitter, and mean, easily offended, given to mockery: if what you believe makes you arrogant, then Jesus is the not the Author of your heart, but some whim of man and snare of Satan that is a short-lived puff, not standing against the winds of change. Big-headedness and small-heartedness is the bane of puffed-upness.

I know that this is not a perfect world but we Americans know The Lord and yet we have no evidence of Him in our lives much anymore. Beware that your intellect has not found a resting place that opposes God an keeps you in control.

This age is like an old satellite in its decaying orbit losing its parts and trajectory. There is such demonic numbness and hysteria. People are being mass herded emotionally and psychologically, and very sadly, spiritually, like cattle when spooked. If they could they would run off a cliff in plain sight.

Jesus spoke plainly to us about these days,

Matthew 24:10-14

Amplified Bible, Classic Edition (AMPC)

10 And then many will be offended and repelled and will begin to distrust and desert [Him Whom they ought to trust and obey] and will stumble and fall away and betray one another and pursue one another with hatred.

11 And many false prophets will rise up and deceive and lead many into error.

12 And the love of the great body of people will grow cold because of the multiplied lawlessness and iniquity,

13 But he who endures to the end will be saved.

14 And this good news of the kingdom (the Gospel) will be preached throughout the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then will the end come.

The Love Of Unrighteousness has become so great and accepted that lies are seen as truth among many in our Nation today. Anything to do with God and His Son, Jesus is being banned and restricted in our Nation and madness has taken over the people. I know that Revival is coming but at a heavy price for them who know Him not. Do you really know Him? Is there evidence in your life of His Power and Love? I know that in my life there was not much of Him to be seen many times.

We need to ask God to help us number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

You, my dear friend, if you don't know Jesus ask Him to forgive you of all your sins and wash you clean with His Sacrifice for you on the cross. Recieve Him as The Only Way you will ever, or anyone will ever enter Heaven. If you have been a backslider or closet Christian, repent and go back where you belong in Him.

Tomorrow may be too late.

I would not want to take that chance either of keeping silent and be guilty of not telling you. Because God will judge us all one day very soon and that is going to be a hard day for all.

I would rather be a fool to the world than a fool to God. I would rather that you make mock of what I am telling you than God punish me for not being obedient in doing what I know is The Truth.

I love you dearly, not as God does because He is the only one who died to save you. But I love you as close as I humanly can. And I please ask you to do this now. There is coming a day of Glorious Revival but before then and in the midst of it some ugly things are going to happen. Get ready for The Lord to use you in mighty ways, for people, for humanity, because they will need us and we must respond without any hesitation or fear but instead full of His Holy Spirit.

Thank you for reading and for your time and friendship and I do hope to see you there one day very soon. Cause it won't be too long now.

This is Mariam, a nobody and a fool to this world, but a servant and child of The Only True God and my Saviour Jesus The Christ, God's only begotten Son, wishing you eternal life.

From My Ami Way to Yours, never forget to Keep Love Above.

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