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From Fifty Shades of Grey into His Light

Stop all you are doing and give me five minutes. Time is of the essence. We are approaching a set appointed time where we will have no more choice but to act accordingly. The questions are, do you know how to? Can you and will you?

Are you listening to the right directions?

Can people count on you to perform righteously?

There is coming a day and soon now, that things that were will be no more.

The normal, every day, the daily activities are going to be interrupted and shifted by what truly matters. So, if you have been living in the past, holding grudges, full of resentment, full of fear and feeling inadequate, full of guilt by all the things you did wrong or feeling that somehow you have missed the mark, "Forget about all of that". God says that when we ask Him to forgive us He does and wipes it out. He tells us to come "boldly" to the throne of grace to obtain mercy and to find grace in a time of need. Do you believe Him?

Because if you don't, none of this will make any sense to you. So, perhaps you should read it all, because, my dear friend it will make sense to you pretty soon. And I mean really soon. And then you will remember this post I am writing.

We cannot move well forward if we keep reliving our past. The past is over and out. If we keep clinging to all of our failures and lacks. We need to learn from our past and put it where it belongs, back there. Not to be lived ever again. No matter how you try, you just can't. It is all a waste of time, time that we cannot afford to waist vainly and haphazardly anymore.

Stop crying over what you lost, wondering what could have and should have been. Stop all murmuring, complaining, envies, strife, blaming, comparing, insulting, name-calling. You get the picture.

I believe that God wants to use all of us that have asked Him to. Perhaps you feel inadequate like I have, but God never turns down anyone because of their inabilities or lacks, and also besides that, He told us that He is the head and we are His body. Yes, right now, at this very present time, if you gave your life to Him, you are His body now. A living and walking and breathing, and talking extension of Him here on earth, now, today.

Have you seen what has been happening around the world today? It is very peculiar. People that you never thought would be where they are, all of a sudden have been placed in positions of power. The Bible tells us that God appoints and chooses the leaders that govern us. Romans 13:1 ( NLT) says:

"Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God."

For example look at what has happened politically in The United States. Unthought of as possible eight years ago. That a man with no political background could sweep across the country and win the presidency.

Now, in the country of my birth, Costa Rica, out of nowhere a Christian newscaster is now the leading person to become president. No one thought he could. No one can explain what the deal is with this man or how a nobody, with no political experience, has become the favored one to win this presidential election. I was one of them until I came here and saw for myself. Many have viciously made fun of him and his family and thinking all who voted for him are only crazy "Tamborine Bangers" (that's how Christians are called here since it is a Catholic Country) People think it is illogical for anyone with brains to vote for this Christian guy.

But God called him and appointed him and set him there.

It was very humbling to hear him speak at church and tell us how and why he is running for president of Costa Rica. We will be going into the second round of our final elections here in to vote either for him or one who stands far too much to the left guy. Costa Rica is at a never before, God-appointed-crossroad.

No one would have ever thought this would be happening here. It's either the rampant drug infested, same-corruption, LGBT agenda or the family-oriented, get rid of corruption, make Costa Rica great again, Christian one. That simple. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

I believe that this Christian man will become the president of Costa Rica because, like I said, time is running short here on earth as we know it, and we are about to move into the-real-macoy times. It is winding down time to what we really are here for and where we will go from here.

And I am so excited to see that God has heard the prayers of his people that need Him to intervene in the affairs of this country of my birth and my beloved United States of America.

You need to give yourself to The Lord now, and tell Him as I did,

"Lord as weak and lame and of no great talent as I am, if you can use me for your greater purpose here on earth, Here I AM!

Go for it and use me, whatever you need me for, do it, Lord, I am yours".

I tell you, my dear, all hell broke loose in my life and persecution, and many uncomfortable, ugly things that have gone through have made me bend my knee once again and seek His presence and His word. I get up very early and talk to Him again. I have been through the ringer. But God never forgets what you have promised Him and He will take you at your word. And the time is now, that He is recalling the promises we made him and asking us if we are real or flaky. He is visiting all of us at this important time in history.

The contentions against all the evil-unseen forces we are fighting against are heavy and very real, the Bible told us this: Ephesians 6:12 (KJV)

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

I had been wishy-washy, lukewarm. Claiming to be a Christian but compromising in more ways than one. Not making too many waves so that I wasn't looked upon by the world as a crazy holy roller, too religious, or fanatic. Keeping my Christianity under the color of fifty shades of grey.

Oh, I sinned before The Lord, who gave up His Life for such a wretch like me. God needed to stop me in my tracks to remind me that I had given Him my life for His Purpose so it was not mine to do whatever with.

I was playing Christianity and not taking serious that promise I made Him.

Never again my dear, never again. I want to be on the front lines of God's move here on earth. I want to hear Him tell me one of these soon coming days "Well done, my good and faithful servant". I do with all my heart, more than anything I want and desire.

And we are heading that way soon. Jerusalem is today a cup of trembling among the nations. Never before.

President Trump has been the only president to speak up about moving the embassy back to Israel's real capital, Jerusalem.

The bible talks about Jerusalem being the reason for real trouble in the Middle East. There will be a war for that. Well, are you prepared for it? It is in the news daily now. Because God is only concerned about everyone's eternal abode and He wants us all there with Him. Are you prepared to go and tell people? To, unashamedly reach out to them with Gods loving saving grace?

In days of old, biblical times, God used the less adequate people to do great things.

Think about great and loved King David. He was only a shepherd boy. How about stuttering, and orphan Moses. How about wimpy, whiny Isaiah? So many others less likely to be chosen for such a world impact job. We are at that time today. And you notice that when God starts doing thing's here on earth, He starts with His people who are called by His name. And then He will take care of the rest of the world. It is our privilege as, The Church, The Body of Christ to be his ambassadors for Him here, and ready, at this very decisive time in history. He needs our whole and He needs us to be in-tuned with His Holy Spirit.

I know that many of God's people, all over the world, have been going thru the floods and fires and shakings and have been emptied of all that stands between us and His plan for our lives, and it is a very important, most pressing general plan. To reach the world with His Saving Power. To be saved for eternity. That is why He died on the cross. To preach the Gospel to all the world. This is the time to see miracles and favor, and healings and protection like never before. Will you be ready to be used of Him?

Today is the day to answer His call and get back in our place in Him, to do His work, and His will. The pieces are almost all in place and there are too many of His people that are being called back from the reserves. We are being called to prepare for action. Oh, yes we are.

I tell you, my dear, this is serious business for us now. No more time for shady-Christian living. We need and have to plug into the spout of where God's Glory comes out because only then we will be able to move and operate as The Church, His Body here on earth. And we have real business to go about doing. Salvation for mankind!

I hope you repent and give your life wholeheartedly back to Him. Re-dedicate to Him with all your being. Game time is in big time. There is true protection there and provision and deliverance and power, and big opened doors for us to move in through and bring it home.

I have a prayer I have been saying back to Him again with all my soul. A prayer of resurrection power working in us. And I expect daily to receive the benefits of it.

I believe this is a prayer for such a time as this.

I hope you say it too.

"Heavenly Father I come to you in The Name of Jesus, and according to your word in Ephesians 1:16-23,

I thank you that you have given me the spirit of wisdom and revelation of Jesus Christ. I thank you that the eyes of my understanding are being enlightened to know the hope of your calling and the riches of the glory of your inheritance in the saints. I thank you that you are revealing to me the exceeding greatness of your power, according to the working of your mighty power that raised Christ from the dead and set him at your right hand. I that you for this and believe I receive it in Jesus name, Amen".

Expect it and believe it, so that you can be used by God. Pray and seek Him and follow Him. He who has translated us from darkness into His Marvelous Light. Many people need us and will depend on us to show them God's Love, Mercy, and Great Salvation.

This is Mariam and this is the real My Ami Way.

The only way that will make a real, important difference in anyone's life forever. Keep His Love Above.

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