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From "My Ami" to Yours.

My Ami is a place in me where life flourishes. It is a laboratory of what is tried and true. A place of love and understanding but also of courage and decision. I have discovered many good answers to many problems here in My Ami.


“The soul pollutant is the most toxic pollutant in our lives! We carry inside our souls everyday, to one degree or another. That nasty contaminant that is ruining us and our loved ones daily.”

We all can agree that getting rid of the most damaging pollutants for our lives and the lives of those we love is of the utmost importance. We all know about Co2, gas emissions, dirty water and chemical contaminants in the environment. They can do extensive damage to us and our loved ones when we are exposed to them for long periods of time. Well we are very wise to not want them near us at all. We would not want to live near them knowing that these things will damage all we love and completely destroy it eventually.


We carry inside our souls everyday to one degree or another. That contaminant is ruining us and our loved ones daily.

If we have low self esteem for example, we don't think right, get upset and temperamental, we become very sensitive and sometimes explode before our loved ones creating a tense environment where love and nurture and peace are gone, wipped out completely in the twinkling of and eye. Then we have the next day or so to fix the damage in ourselves and the rest whom were exposed to this type of soul pollution we allowed. And our moral hangover and pity party can last for days, months,sometimes even years.

I have done this in my life and have looked for proffesional help at times at a very costly price to rid me of the contamination of my soul, but no one can go to a counselor every time we soul pollute! And as women we all need to remind ourselves everyday to not go there anymore. But we forget to right down our feelings and take time to question them etc......

Don't Contaminate Your Life

“We all need a visual reminder to do things that are good for us.”

We are visual people.

All of us who have vision use it for many helpful things we do everyday.

Sometimes we see something and it reminds us of something else because we see it and can relate to it. Many of us perhaps at one time have made a #visionboard.

Trash is trash and once we throw it away using a piece of paper or kleenex or what ever we hold in our hand to throw away, I ask you to name it: maybe low self esteem, maybe bad temper, maybe anger, pity, discouragement......whatever we deal with everyday and sometimes every second of the day. Throw it out. It is trash that will contaminate our environment and bring chaos all around.

Let this Trash Can be a very visual in our face, a reminder for us to put that soul pollutant there everyday, every second if we need to, and then leave it there as trash that is good for nothing.

And just for that day we will remind ourselves that the soul pollutant is in there and I am NOT taking it out of there anymore. Therefore my life and my loved ones lives will not be contaminated anymore. And life and our environment will become #productive, #happy and more enjoyable because we have a #beautiful reminder that we got rid of that horrible stinking good for nothing and no one soul pollution. Then allow yourself time then to feel proud and good because you are getting rid of what is killing silently most people,marriages, families, communities all over the world..... #Soul #Pollution!

Get Inspired To Make Your Own Soul Trash Basket

These elegant handmade floral baskets will bring beauty in to any room, and are a visual reminder to clean up our world from the inside and out!

I personally have them in my bathroom, kitchen and even out side.

You can contact me to buy one.

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