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Good Things Are On Their Way

Perhaps today you feel there's not much you can do or say.

All your fears and sorrows have dampened your tomorrows.

You think that stopped-dead at the gate,

There will be no more to celebrate.

But sometimes our vision gets clouded

and we think some magnificent storms have us surrounded.

But be of good cheer, my dear,

this is only today and not the rest of the year.

These clouds will soon break away

remember, it has happened to you many a day.

When you thought all was lost,

and all of life's blossoms died in the frost.

Oh, be of good cheer, my dear.

Don't pay attention to what you now see or hear.

Believe me, because I am certain of what I am about to say,

That good things, great things, are coming your way.

Hurray, hurray, hurray!

“What do you think when you read this?”

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