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Is Your Lifestyle based on Luck?

A Different View On Luck.

Have you ever thought about the fact that we use the word "Luck" or "Lucky" to define some of our lazy excuses?

“Well, I read this meaning a couple times and the keyword that stuck out the most was the word “apparently”. Seriously, it's we go by apparently as a surety?.”

What is luck? According to the dictionary, it is: success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions. Well, I read this meaning a couple times and the keyword that stuck out the most was the word “apparently”. Seriously, apparently? You mean it is not a certainty or true? So many people use the word luck without really thinking what it really means. For example “She is so lucky to have a great life and such a great body”. When in reality luck had nothing to do with it. She worked very hard every day at exercising and muscle toning and she achieved her goal and maintained it every day. It had nothing to do with luck. So, I stopped thinking about luck in the common understanding of it a while back. Do you believe that someone people are born “luckier” than you because of some mystical happening in which you were not fortunate enough to be a part of? Well, that only affirms to you and in you that you are powerless. Might as well get depressed and cry and throw your hands up in the air, and go sit in a corner and wait for it all to pass as you observe and live a life you have no control of. A life that it is out of your hands and no matter what you can’t do anything about it.  That no matter what you try to do, you just were not born under a lucky sign. This is ridiculous. And in the end, you are really blocking your chance for anything good happening to you everytime you leave it to some kind of magical luck. It takes action from you to go and make your “luck”. As a matter of fact, much of the good and bad “luck” we encounter is really a result of our habitual thoughts and behaviors. And the key word here is “habitual”. The meaning of habitual is: A habitual action, state, or way of behaving is one that someone usually does or has, especially one that is considered to be typical or characteristic of them. You use habitually to describe someone who usually or often does a particular thing. So there are particular things we do every day to be good or bad at having success or “luck”. Let me tell you a few I have put into practice. 1) Say positive affirmations to you daily more than negative ones. That I do daily. I talk and cheer me on and look in the mirror and tell me to smile, to look at the beautiful day. I tell myself what a great day it is starting to be and that this day is going to be full of good things coming my way. I expect and look for the good. So make it a habit to say good things to yourself about you. 2) Notice every opportunity out there every day. Become an opportunity hunter. And go after it. I tell myself that this day some great opportunity to build myself, my relationship, my income is waiting for me to take it. I intentionally look for it where ever I go. I have a daily opportunity seeker in my look every day as much as I can. A positive, exciting outlook and many times it does attract my way people with ideas and great potential to make my life interesting and “lucky”. 3) Have a resilient attitude that transforms “bad luck” into “good luck”. I picture it inside me like a zapper. No matter how many times I fail or fall I just don’t even think about keeping the bad. I have a knower that good is all I will end up with. I have adopted a not-quitting position and made it a habit in me.  I chose to establish this long time ago. So much that I cut the word “quit” out of every dictionary in my home. When bad happens I remind myself that I am not going to make it my camp. I am going through it and heading towards victory. So I sit and recall in my mind the many times I was there and came out for the better. Every time! So when bad"luck" hits, rehearse in your mind past victories of how you overcame. 4) Surround yourself with like-minded people that are going in the same direction as you.

Well, I was asking once how long before you can change a habit. Some told me 28 days others 90 days. As you see it is depending on who but not what. But I started telling myself that I really don’t have much time to just wait for 28 days, let alone 90 days. So I came across some very good reads from a psychologist that assured that one can change the “Bad Luck” in a minute depending on your attitude. So I took it and it is true. I used to smoke cigarettes for over 30 years and I decided one day, without reading this mans book, You Can Change in 59 seconds by Richard Wiseman. I did it. Overnight I told myself that I could not be such a fickle minded person and a weakling to not stop it. And I did. I have been without these nasty, killers for over 1 year and I feel great. So in order to achieve effective change all you need is a quality decision from you and go for it and do it and stick to your word and will. Just as simple as Do it. Whatever you value is going to cost you a sacrifice and in the long run, the one that will benefit the most is you and then everyone else around you. Make a quality decision for yourself today that you are going to live the luckiest life anyone could ever dream of and set yourself, on purpose, to go get it. And most important, have fun in the process. So from “My Ami” to yours, here is to you, my dear "lucky" friend!!!! Ciao for now!!!

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