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Killing You Softly, "Complaining"

I used to complain always about the weather, the government, an unjust situation, about how someone treated me, about food, drivers. About my partner, some friends, the dogs, my children......Well, you get the point. Just complaining about whatever and whomever. It was a normal part of everyday life.

But it is a negative activity to get involved with and it only produces negative results.

The majority of us. Complain, complain, complain.

It is second nature to us.

We have a habit of it. Plus it is easier to find common ground in something through #complaining.

Be aware of it and you will be surprised how much of it goes on.

Complaining will stop you from moving forward towards a good place. It was complaining that characterized the Israelites throughout their forty years of wilderness wandering.

God really dislikes murmuring and complaining and there is a due reward established for them who do that.

Imagine going around in circles forty years and not advancing one inch towards a beautiful, prosperous, happy place. No thank you!

Well, my dear, that is right, complaining is toxic. As toxic to our mind and life as breathing CO2. There is a good read on this topic of complaining and what it does to you. (#How Complaining Rewires Your Brain For Negativity), By Dr. Travis Bradberry.

What is this compelling research from Stanford? A link to an article in Fast Company, Why Complaining May Be Dangerous To Your Health (1/12/15):

A half hour of complaining every day physically damages a person’s brain, according to research from #Stanford University. Whether you’re the one griping or you’re the one listening, exposure to negativity peels back neurons in the #hippocampus—the part of the brain used for problem-solving and cognitive function. Over time, complaining becomes a habit. If you’re surrounded by complainers, then you’re more likely become one.

It changes your brains capacity to regenerate and become healthy. It causes stress which makes your immune system shut down and that in no way is good for our health.

Some studies about complainers found that people that complain or are exposed to complainers can develop Alzheimer's and strokes.

So it is not good to complain or be around #complainers and it is a great habit to get rid off.

Here is what I have been doing. Every day, on purpose I make a list for the day, of the things that happened to me, that day, that I am #grateful for.

For example, I had the good fortune to savor and eat a very good ice cream. I have a set of healthy teeth to bite it and eat it and chew it. It sounds very simple and dumb. But if you want to break the harmful, useless habit of complaining you have to do it this way. Write in a Journal. Make one if you don't have one. And on the top of the page write the date down and then write 10 things you are thankful for that day.

By the end of the week go back and read them all and see how good and thankful you feel and are, and act because of you sat down and recalled how much more good you have it than not.

Also, pin up on your bathroom mirror to read every day,


This will help you on the way to make you a better, healthier and happier person and will keep you in check about the damaging effects of complaining!

The bible says that a #merry #heart does good like a medicine but a broken spirit dries up the bones.

This is Mariam From My Ami Way to Yours!!!!

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