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Love's got all to do with it!

I am amazed at how many people today are looking for love. For the "right", "perfect", "blow me out of this world" kind of love.

It is also amazing how sometimes you give and give and pour yourself with no reservation to someone and then not have that someone give and pour themselves back to you.

Today's advise and counsel from the

"love experts" is that you should not waste your time on giving and not getting back.

You should move on to better pastures.

Don't allow yourself to be used. Cut all communications and ties.

Don't chase or beg or plead.

Take care of you. Have some self-respect. Self 'Love". Have some dignity.

You should always take care of #1, YOU.

There are too many fish in the ocean. Don't let anyone treat you like that.

After all, you are "special". You are "The Best". How dare someone mistreat you?

Well, after all, you are such a catch. And I am not saying that this may not be true.

And I am also not saying or implying that you allow some pervert, abuser to hurt you and beat you and have you take it all. No. Of-course not!

I am sure we all have given our love to someone that has sucked up all we have to give, only to find that when it is not convenient anymore for them, they walk away.

And so we end up feeling bad and go seek elsewhere for the perfect one that will fill our lives. Or something to that effect.

People divorce, cut ties with family members, cheat on each other, talk bad about each other. Cut down each other. And so the cycle of this dis-ease continues, ruining our families, churches, communities, and country. Plain sad and wrong.

But I have news for you, my dear friend. The bible says that love endures ALL things. I am talking about real love. Not the movies kind of love. Not infatuation. Not some full of emotion puppy love that is empty of meaning and real solid-rock truth.

I mean the real kind of love. This kind of love will continue giving even when you are not winning.

It is so strong and powerful. Unstoppable and unmovable.

This love will give when the thrill is gone when there is no benefit or advantage.

This real true love just keeps on giving.

It will stand by you when everyone else leaves you. It will believe the best of you when no one else sees any good in you.

It will stand beside you and defend you against the world without counting the cost. That is the love that God gave us at the cross.

John 3:16 is the most known verse of the bible that people all over this planet know.

For God so LOVED the world that He GAVE. Love gives and asks nothing in return.

That my friend is power. Not easy, and not anyone out there does it because it will cost you dying to self.

If you have but just a few people or just one person that will love you like that, you are truly loved and have found the real kind of love.

That love will love you unconditionally. Yes, that is the kind of love that will only stand the test of time because it is made by a decision, a commitment from which there is no shadow of turning from it ever. Come hell or high water this love will be there when all else fails.

I make a confession every day, and now more than ever, that I am becoming a master of Gods kind of love. I am planning to live and never fail.

I may not have great faith, great looks, great smarts, a great bank account, or any great talent, you name it, but I have great love on the inside of me and no matter what may come I am willing to fight hard to maintain it because it is that valuable to me. And neither height, nor depth, nor length or width, nor present things, nor things to come. Nor great tribulation and anguish, nothing will move my love from the ones I love.

I have made a quality decision to love like God loves. It's possible and doable and so good. And so strong. It is powerful. Magnificent and glorious. But especially Victorious!

The world is looking for that kind of love. It is the real, true love.

The one that works when life hands you unexpected turns.

The one thing I can tell you is that you can't have it all peaches and cream all the time. People will disappoint you and turn on you. When you think you have everything wrapped up in this beautiful "perfect" package, all of a sudden it unravels and you feel like you were left holding the short end of the stick. It will never be the way you expect it to be. You will be disappointed and I can tell you be ready to face disappointments.

So you have to be willing to be flexible, pliable, moldable and bendable and by so unshakable.

The bible says that God is love. That is his attribute and character. He is strong and powerful. Full of might.The creator of Heaven and Earth, and He IS love. And love endures all things. The bible also says that love will NEVER fail. No matter what.

When you love this way nothing moves you from loving that person. And I mean NOTHING.

If you have this love and if you find this love you have the greatest, most valuable treasure anyone could ever have or ask for.

So you see "Love has everything to do with it".

My dear friend, I pray that today you seek to become that living expression of the Love of God in your relationships and in this world that so desperately need it.

Seek it with all your life and go be it and go give it with all the passion you have. This way you will NEVER fail, because all of heaven is backing you up.

Drop me an email and let me know you are going to do this and I will be praying for you and together we will make this world great again.

This is Mariam wishing you Gods kind of love, from My Ami to yours!

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