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Play Another's Fiddle And Live

There is no better pathway to the fulfillment of one's own potential than to advance towards the highest good you can conceive of and commit to it.

That is all I really want in life.

I bet that is what you want also.

Well, ask yourself, Is there anything better in life to do?

And if there is not, then why would anyone do anything else?

Seriously? Would you consider spending time, energy, money, frustration, anything, if it was not to aim towards the highest possible good?

I have been philosophizing on these things a bit because I am older and have no more time to waste in futile things.

So I went to my source. The Word of God, The Bible has millions of stories and guidelines of how to attain the highest good anyone could possibly ever attain.

And, really, not to my surprise, there is a Highest Good anyone should aim to attain.

But, contrary to the flow of life today, people that live this way and pursue this life, today, they are bullied and ridiculed. Today's lifestyle is all about me, myself, and I. I have seen many that have gone that pathway and hold on to everything for themselves. Everything they consider dear to their life only to find that what they were holding on so dear to, they lost and didn't enjoy. Some even became very ill trying to hold on and protect things so no one else would have them or enjoy them and then sickness settled in and not even they could enjoy them. The worse path for life anyone could ever choose to follow is the selfish one. This is not the nobler way of life I will say. But the ones that do aim to live the pathway to the highest good possible, these, are in a league of their own.

The way to live and achieve the highest good in life is not a simple one. One must sacrifice and, yes, that ugly word no one wants to hear or wants anywhere near, suffer, yes, it will cost you your life. For in order to achieve anything in life we all have to sacrifice some meaningful thing and replace it with the most meaningful one, right? So it will cost you all your time and effort and ability on purpose. It will take you a lifetime, your life, your time, all of it.

You must orient yourself, purposely, every day, every waking hour, properly, and pay attention to what you do every day.

If you go to the store, or to your job, or at home, or driving, whatever you do and wherever you are you have to properly direct your aim at achieving the highest good possible. It will start to work because your aim will make the world around you shift. Your aim becomes your point where you will target all you do towards it. You focus on that point only and in everything you do. Now that you have the better aim in your life, the world around you will be set up for you. It will organize all your perceptions.

What and how you see, hear, smell, all your emotions, and motivations will now revolve around that aim. Now, your day will set itself as a set of challenges and problems you need to solve to achieve your goal. And, in order to stay on the path, you will start solving them properly. You will have to concentrate on that aim all day long and night long so that at the end you will be able to have your cake and eat it. Yes, that is the only way to do exactly that.

You will be able to point into the distance and see where you are going to finish and then know that you will be able to super-charge every day with meaning because of that aim.

Once you decide that you are going to aim for attaining the highest possible good anyone can attain you can face tomorrow with assurance because you have seen at a distance where you are heading. This will sustain you in life very well no matter what comes your way. The nobler your aim, the most rewarding your life will be.

The bible says that there is no better walk in life than the love walk. That is the life path that Jesus Christ, The Son of God walked and that made Him endure the cross. The Love walk if void of self and is full of others. It is a life of giving to others and its rewards are full of company and goodness. The Bible says that Love Never Fails. So That is the path I am choosing to walk and attain. It is a life that is full of self-denial but a life that is full of all significant blessings you can ever dream or hope for in life to receive.

Don't feel bad if you fall short from time to time, ask for forgiveness from God and man, and get up again back on your path. Don't let condemnation keep you from attaining your highest aim.

This is Mariam From My Ami Way to yours.

I remind you to Keep Love Above If you do you will Never Fail.

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