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Sometimes Life Is Winter

Sometimes Life is Winter

For the last six thousand and so years there has always been Winter. It always come right after Fall and with regularity.

Some are colder, some last longer, some are hard and some are esay ,but they keep coming.

I particularly don't like them when they get very cold and last very long.

I always complained, but I have realized that no matter how much was my dislike for them, I was wasting my time because they will never stop from arriving.

I used to hope something would change, but to no avail, these things don't change.

So I was sad and blue and hoping for change. I was majoring in a minor thing wasting my time.

I can't get rid of January by tearing it off the calendar. That is how stupid this thing was with me.

Until I decided that I can't change the Seasons but I can change the Me to go through the seasons.

This is how life gets better. It's not by chance, but by choice. I don't wish for life to get easier anymore I get up early and work for me to get better.

I have decided to learn some skills, be #motivated with the winter #challenges and study what others before me have done so that they made it good towards the Falls of their lives. I want to develop me to the best of my ability. To take advantage of every opportunity when it comes my way and use it and develop it.

I have learned that The Major Key to a Better Future is ME!

Nothing ever changes unless I do. In order to have an above-average life, I have to become an above-average person. There is not such thing as luck, chance or magic involved in having a better life. The only key is Choice and we hace thoes every winter, spring, summer and fall.

Every morning and every night. 24 hours every day. It is up to us and us alone!

Mature people have a wonderful life and it has been because of their choices. Their CHOICES have allowed them to go through the Fall of their life with dignity and very well supplied for.

Taking full responsability of what happens to you wether good or especially bad is the highest form of human maturity.

The day I did that I became an adult. I love being an adult. Great #wisdom comes to us when we become adults.

I used to be a grown up always making excuses and explaining everything away. I was not reaping well so I made these excuses and explanations to feel better and not so frustrated.

I wasn't looking very good because I had not taken responsability of my choices and so I had to do what all the below- average, baby, people do. And I found lot's of company.

I used to blame my parents, culture, husband, church, weather, government, the traffic, anything I could think off I blamed. I had a magnificent list of excuses and I suffered the illness that kills mankind the most. A Dis- Ease called EXCUSITIS!!!!

I no longer suffer from that because I have made a very firm agreement with myself to follow the advise of others that have the proof of a great life of how great life is done and the formula is the same over and over again!!!!

It's not what happens to you that determins the quality and quantity of your life. What happens out there happens to everyone. It's what YOU DO or YOU not do. That is the ONLY difference.

It gets dark on all and the sun shines on all. We have all gone through ugly stuff and sad stuff and we know of others and we know of Murphys Law. If anything can go wrong it will.

Dissapointments are not special gifts given to some, no.

We all have them. Rainy days and thunder storms, we all go through them.

The choice is ours and ours alone and the responsability is ours and ours alone.


I made a choice and am learning and studying and want to know and there is a lot of information out there of people who have gone before us that have made it very great.

What are we going to do?

If we don't change us for better nothing will change and the next 5 years will go by and we will be in a worst place because we will be looking more closely at the Fall of our life.

So you ask how long does it take to change. NOW!!! Today!!!

There is not much to it!!! Your life will be better, your family, comunity and country.

Become of Value and Value is all you will receive in return!!!

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