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Sophisticated Evil

We are living in the days of unimaginable wickedness.

God tells us of these times in His Word. The Pope said that there was no hell. That is what he said. Well, we who belong to The Lord know better.

There is a hell and a heaven and the choice is ours to make.

Another example of wickedness is in the political arena, evil in all its sophistication is in the news every day and every hour of the day. The truth is not what is good anymore. Calling people ugly names and telling lies about them are what is good now, and plotting evil against the ones that want to do the best for their family and their community and their country is only for fools.

That is what evil does in a very slick way, it makes you feel powerless to speak the truth. It ridicules you and insults you and makes fun of you and rips you apart. Evil needs for all to be fooled and dumb and numb and powerless. It uses opioids and booze and porn and chemicals to stop you from thinking and seeing and speaking the truth. Evil makes all kind of excuses so you don't confront the truth.

Oh, the devil and his cohorts are real and they have taken humanity for a wild-fooled ride. No good for the future will come out of any of this and what is worse, the church of Jesus is sitting on the sidelines watching it all fall apart.

Be careful my dear Christian friend if you are allowing this sophisticated evil to fool you and make you passive in your walk with The Lord and depending on His Word daily. Oh, be very careful. There is no such thing as "Once saved, always saved". No, that is a lie from hell. You have to work out your salvation every day. None of us want our names to be blotted out of the Book Of Life. And they can be blotted out.

The power of the Blood of Jesus cleanses us from all unrightousness, but we have to appropriate it every day. I plead The Blood of Jesus every day over myself and my family. Every day. There is power in The Blood of The Lamb.

We need to talk to The Lord and ask Him to use us to bring salvation and deliverance to this perverse generation. We need to ask Him to open the eyes of our understanding that we may know the hope of His calling.

That we may know the riches of His Glory. That we may know His Love and the love He has for all humanity.

Why would The Son of God come to Earth and die on the cross to save us then? So we can have new cars, houses, and things? No.

We need to plug onto the spout where His Glory comes out. We need to be bold and ask Him to use us in mighty ways. To give us insight into stopping evil wherever we see it. It is up to us to do it in His name now.

This is the day of purifying, of repentance, of drawing nigh to Him as never before. This is the day of separation, of holiness, this is the day of waking, waking to The Lord.

My dear friends, Jesus is coming back very soon, all the signs are here. I believe that America has been given a chance to stand up against all the sophisticated evil we are all surrounded by every day. But we are responsible to do it in His name. We are.

Let the inner spirit wake into consciousness that God is calling us.

He is standing at the door wanting to bless you so that you can be a blessing. Do you hear His voice today? He said He would use whom the world thought to be foolish to confound the wise of the world. I know I really qualify for that one. I sure hope you do too.

We are in a time of extremes. There will be extreme evil and extreme blessing. Our battle with sophisticated evil is compelling us to ask God for astounding authority, provision, intimacy, and power. Let it be, Lord Jesus, use us. Let the world know He is real and loves us for good.

Come, Lord Jesus, we are ready for your return.

Be bold and of good courage. Bend your knee to The Lord and recommit your life to Him for His purpose and His Glory.

And if you do not know Him ask Him to come into your life and cleanse you from all your sins, to wash you with His blood and make you ready for His return. Amen.

This is Mariam from My Ami Way to Yours reminding you to not be fooled by sophisticated evil, bow your knee to The Almighty Lord, and always keep love above!

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