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Every person that has been successful at something, every person that has done great things in this life has had to have passed through the brokenness road. It is a place where we become acquainted with most people. People relate to other's pains more than to others successes.

There is a secret fraternity that exists among those who have been through pain. Because pain transcends color, culture, race, language, social class, and gender and creed. When you have gone through something terrible like for example the death of a child, you can relate to others that have gone through that and you then understand them and there is a bond that is made, one that is stronger and more helpful than anything else. Pain makes people come closer in more meaningful ways than anything else.

When I read about the Wright Brothers and all the struggles they went through before they achieved their goal. To fly.

It was a hard and uphill road full of failures. But they didn't give up and I am sure there were times of anguish and pain and cries. But they passed the brokenness road and did a beautiful thing that we now use to take us all around the world.

Thank God they did not let discouragement and brokenness stop them.

So now we take this to a personal level and see that if we are to help this world become better we first have to go through this fine-tuning stage. None of us like it because it takes from us first in order to be able to give to all later. But pass through that road we must.

Alone time to get real with yourself is a good time we all need to go to. This is a very painful time, a time to open yourself and take a good look at all that is unusable and unprofitable disgusting and of no benefit. A time to get rid of selfishness. A time to get real with yourself.

I will tell you about mine. I have been going through some God-Surgery. We all have to go to surgery by ourselves. No one else can be in that operating room with anyone else except the surgeon. Not even an anesthesiologist because you have to be awake and in use of all senses. Let me tell you, my dear, it is hard and ugly. But it has to be done if you are to do something significant with your life. If you want to make a positive impact in your family and community and the world. If you really want your life to count for someone else more than you.

It takes a deep cutting- the- bad- up process to come to yourself.

But, alone time with God can do more for anyone than any psychologist or doctor can.

I have been going through the fire and the flood and spirit surgery and I told God just like Jacob in the bible. "Lord, I will not let you go until you give me a blessing". Oh, I have been very serious at this.

When you ask God to help you and reveal to you what is it that he has for your life, get ready to be very uncomfortable and pass through scary places. And get real with Him and especially yourself. I believe that we are going to be needed by God from this day forth to lead and guide many to safety and peace.

There is no more time to waste.

I need to, it is imperative for me, of utmost urgency, that I go through this broken place. I need help for my family and I want my life to count at helping people to take their rightful place in God's plan for their life.

I have been passing through The Beautiful Brokenness Road.

I cannot and will not anymore waste my time unless I want to pay the price later for not doing it.

Jesus said that he stands at the door and knocks.

I have opened mine and I pray you do too.

The only way to fly is to find your wings and use them.

I want to challenge my ordinary and normal, I need the supernatural power of God to put back my life on the right path.

And let me tell you, my dear, nobody can break you and put you back together like God can.

In this time it is not the coolest or in-style to be a Christian and talk about God I have to because He called me many years ago. I left my calling to fit with the majority of the people and was not praying and seeking and following Him as I knew I had to so I have gone through that broken road.

I now call it a Beautiful Broken Road. God has lifted me up and even though I have lost many things I am lighter for the flight now.

I am going to soar like never before.

The time is now even though I don't know exactly how.

But the winds of the morning are blowing strong

as I flap my wings, I tell myself that with God on my side nothing can go wrong.

Sorrow may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning.

I challenge you, my dear friend, to allow yourself to go through the beautiful broken road. And there leave all that is heavy and weighty and of no good use. I challenge you to join this Beautiful Brokenness Fraternity.

There are millions of members around the world. And the majority of us can tell you we have graduated with the highest honors. Yes some of us show visible scars but we are able to help anyone to not give up.

I challenge you to believe that the best is yet to come for yourself and your loved ones and the world.

Isaiah 40:31 declares to us:

But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary, and they shall walk and not faint.

This is The Real Mariam wishing you a Beautiful Broken Road.

From My Ami Way to Yours!

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