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The Devil Is In The Details

The definition of Commitment is:


noun: commitment; plural noun: commitments

1. The state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.

"the company's commitment to quality"

synonyms: dedication, devotion, allegiance, loyalty, faithfulness, fidelity

"her commitment to her students"

a pledge or undertaking.

"I cannot make such a commitment at the moment"

synonyms: vow, promise, pledge, oath;

2. An engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action.

"business commitments"

synonyms: responsibility, obligation, duty, tie, liability; task; engagement, arrangement

"the pressure of his commitments"

So, without commitment, we have no real purpose or consistency in life. We are like clouds that promise rain but give none.

You can be attached to something or someone but without commitment, you are out on your own for your own. That is the gist of it.

My dear friends today, in this very uncommitted world we live in, commitment is a word that is outdated and an ugly one. The meaning of it is of no good to self-servitude.

When #Moses wrote the ten commandments, commitment to follow a God that made them for the good of us was the purpose. The moral fiber of commitment was written in the ten commandments. Commitment to the Ten #Commandments makes all of us great.

Many people today, find the notion of “commandments” oppressive and hierarchical. But we know that a great community cannot be built on the principle of only doing what feels right at the moment, it requires a sense of responsibility and commitment to each other.

Oh, yes, the devil is in the details of commitment and the details are what keeps this evil at bay.

Today, we are bombarded on every side to do only what is best for us. Yes, we want the benefits but without the commitment to obtaining them. And we will obtain them at whatever cost no matter how many get hurt along the way

#Commitment is like “persistence with a purpose”. A devotion, dedication, loyalty, and emotional contribution to the declared choices. However often times commitment is misunderstood for attachment and used interchangeably. The distinction is both huge and very pricey. While the commitment asks “what can we do together?”, the attachment requests “what can you do for me?”.

The left-wing ideas that have kept the God-Principals out of our lives today, want to completely choke and annihilate these from us and our children. Marriage is laughed at, parenting our children is of no importance and God is useless with the "Left Wingers" because, Big Father, Husband, everything-giver Government is the answer to it all.

So they do what your commitment to their cause but they do not want your commitment to anything or anyone else.

And so inadvertently, for many, we have adopted this way of life and it has ruined the moral fiber of our being and our society. Without commitment, you will never start or finish anything of important significance.

But, with it, This Great #Nation was built. That is what is at stake here. The doing away of our Moral #Foundation for a better world and life.

The Lefts goal is to wipe out #Judeo-Christian influence in America and it is now very painfully clear to see. The left is desperate to remove the last firewall against their revolution. As I said earlier, marriage, parental rights, guns, and civil discourse all must go or they have no hope of winning.

I have never seen it as marked as I do today. The Judeo-#Christian #Values that The Founding Fathers established are just about to all go out the window forever and we are going to live in a lawless, loveless, selfish, depraved country and world.

Ask yourself if maybe you have adopted some of these uncommitted behaviors of the Left and if you have become a better person for it. If your neighbors are benefitting or your families are benefitting also?

The multi-headed monsters of the left have brainwashed a majority of #millennials into believing that the values we have honored and lived very good by, for thousands of years, suddenly are racist, sexist, and must be eradicated.

Professors invent micro-aggressions, cultural appropriations, and safe places. Now all of a sudden, victims are everywhere and statutes must be torn down, careers destroyed, insane boycotts enforced, and every crisis must be seized to advance the lies.

They call all of us who believe in God and have His Morals and Values all kind of ugly names and, they have the audacity to call us crazy liars but the all too common hatred of the left is out of the bag. People everywhere are starting to see it and repudiate it. If you are a true #God-fearing committed #Democrat or #Republican, you turn pale with sickness at what is happening today.

The masters of the Left do not want you to see them in all their disarray, but one can't help to notice all their lies and more reckless lies.

Many of us have been asking God for revival and we have been fasting and praying for His Mercy upon our Land and our Families and fellow Countrymen. I know that that is forcing the Left to be more extreme and obvious than they ever wanted to be. Their plans are falling apart for the world to see.

They are completely losing it and the blatant truth of all their evil doings is surfacing every day. I am not saying this is going to be an easy battle or that it won’t get worse.

What I am saying is that this rush to #extremism is a sign we can’t ignore. Something big is looming on the horizon. All the plans of the enemy are unraveling. The enemy of God and His people. The enemies of all that is sound and good and great. It is high time to be committed to each other and to this Nation and The World. Commitment is a Great God Word. Commitment is what God showed us through His Son, Jesus Christ, dying on the Cross to save us. Commitment is faithfulness and faith in a great nation, a great life, and a great future.

My dearest friends, it is time for us to come into #unity. Time for us to increase our #prayers. Time to expect a gigantic implosion of the war against our freedom. This war of the left is against us…but if God be for us who can be against us?

This is Mariam From My Ami Way to Yours reminding you that no matter what is happening all around you, be committed to Keep #Love Above.

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