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The Provoking Rhythm of Champions

In this panoramic, narcissistic view of the world, we have today.

(Self-included). Many of us have moved into a position that if we don't see what is in it for us, we are just not interested. Even in some churches, we see people only going to church as if they were going to win a big lottery ticket. What is in it for me?

Well the grace of God for us comes attached to a certain, timed, period of time. Once the grace period is over, that's it. Once you die, there went your grace period. So It is funny how some in the church and the world, think that this grace of God, time on earth, call it what you may, is a time forever and there is no expiration date and no one else but us matters.

Well, my dear friends, I was at church this week and saw many people being blessed and healed and delivered. God used other people to do this. It was just wonderful. Something I had not seen for a while now. Then I started meditating about this fact.

There were people there with much more talents than me, much more power than me, and much more everything than me, and I was so happy, genuinely happy for them. But, on the other hand, I heard a few upset and scoffing at them.

I believe that sometimes God uses other people to provoke us to do better. This comes through exposure: If you know better, you will do better. Many times we do not do better because we are not exposed. And maybe you ask, what are you talking about? Good, you asked. Let me explain.

We are creatures of habit. We settle for a custom we have, like a habit of laying down after we eat. We make it a habitual routine. Like an addictive behavior. We just keep doing it.

It takes courage to change a habit Change is not easy. It takes determination, decision, pain, being uncomfortable. Change is hard. For all of us.

Say that you are a hateful person, you will not become a loving one overnight. It takes a strong determined person to change.

It takes a force and a power to become better. You have to focus your attention to do it.

Well, I truly believe that God uses circumstances and people to disrupt our lives and provoke us to do and be better. He did throughout the Bible to many people. So then, this provocation is an exposure to the possibilities of bettering our lives. Of becoming all that we can be through change. Greatness-transforming change.

Change that will allow us to have better bodies, health, better love, better family time, better job, car, you name it, whatever possible better any human can achieve or have.

Now on the other side of this provocation to get the better of us, there is the most common, ugly, damaging response to provocation we see. There are these, and unfortunately, way too many of them, that, for some crazy reason, get jealous and envious. And for a crazier reason, somehow in there, envious, twisted, out of focus mind, they think that tearing the ones that are doing better down will build them up. Really, stop and think about that one. How can you make an achiever, a fully-furnished person, look bad by just talking? And what is worst is that you have not obtained what good they have? That is crazy as crazy can get.

Aha, and now, here is the gist of what I am telling you.

These crazy people, don't and can't see because of their envy, they don't stop for and moment to think that they are being provoked to react in a positive way to change and get a blessing. They just don't get it.

Because when God exposes us to see something better in someone else, He is provoking us to get moved by a reaction to follow the path to better.

Because a human being, just like me, got a blessing, why can't I? You can, my dear, you sure can. It takes hard work, but you definitively can. That is what exposure to being provoked is all about. Not so you end up ruining your health with the poison of envy and instead of moving forward in the blessings you can obtain in life you move into the pit of envy.

Gone, completely crazy.

So next time you see someone else doing better, having better, driving better, having a better love life, bank account, family, you name it, don't get envious. Don't become a scoffer, cynical, backbiter, don't get jealous.

Think that maybe, perhaps, God is provoking you to challenge you to be better. To humble you so that you seek the high way of life. To see you successful. Better-than-you-people aren't sent to your life for you to feel a loser and humiliated and small.For you to pout and feel sorry for yourself. No, no, no. God is letting you see how you also have the power of great transformation and performance on the inside of you. It is going to take work and dedication. But it is all possible. You can go from limited to limitless.

Think about this, whatever you respect and admire is what will impart to you, so don't get envious. Let the other person blessings draw yours out.

So my dear friend, next time you see someone doing great at something you don't, think that perhaps, God has brought them there for you to see so that you will be provoked into the rhythm of champions!!!

This is Mariam wishing to provoke you to become better in all you do, so you can become a champion at life and help provoke others along the way.

From My Ami Way to Yours!

Keep Love Above!

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