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Time To Be Bold

Be Bold Now!

There is a curse of this generation. It is that one of just getting by with enough. Instead of going for sagacity in handling a difficulty, they whine and complain about how unfair the world is.

Audacity, courage, originality, and heroism are being degraded. Our children are bombarded with messages of defeat and limits. Worse yet, they are told that wanting to excel might hurt someone else’s feelings. They tell them we all have to be nice and sweet and polite and not try to do the very best at much because we are all to be the same and have the same and that wanting to change the world is not for any of us anymore.

In other words, they are teaching our children and future generations to be wimps and good-for-nothing-dependants forever.

Greatness is not in style anymore. We have to be appeasing and lame so that we can be safe in the world. Well, I believe that dangerous times are created by men that are willing to stand by and appease evil. Dangerous times and a dangerous future are the results of men that don't dare to be brilliant and daring.

Today it is very well looked upon to not rock the world or any boat.

Today small men with small minds mold our children's future.

Is there anything any of us can do to stop the approaching darkness we are headed for? I believe so! It is high time to be bold in the goodness we know to be. It is time to be brilliant and unapologetic about evil and start believing that we are here and now to leave a better world for our children and their future. A world of wisdom, courage, brilliance, sagacity, greatness. A world that dares to be bold in the conquest of all evil and limitations.

I believe with all my heart that we are all called to change the world for better wherever we are.

I believe our children should see us and marvel at how bold and strong we are.

I believe that nothing is too difficult or impossible because we have a mighty God inside us that helps us and wants us to excel in all good and noble things.

I believe in the courage and boldness to shine our very bright light in this very dark world full of negativity and conformity and help the future generations see the great God we serve and have been saved by.

Until the fat lady sings, I believe we all need to take our little bull by the horns and tame it.

I believe our children need to see us with awe-inspiring lives and living.

My dearest friends it is time to be bold and strong and of good courage. While nostalgia makes some yearn for the good old days, despair makes others invent impossibilities—world movers, people full of courage, the daring ones, the ones that change the world for good, they all say why not now, why not here, and why not me? Are you one of them?

It is time to live a life of brilliance and one that is exceptional in doing good and great. It is that time my friends.

From my little corner of the world, I dare you to have that God kind of faith to be bold and courageous in whatever you do and say. Be bold and fully persuaded of Gods ability in you to do what you need to do to turn your life for the better and leave a path of valiant greatness.

This is Mariam from My Ami Way to yours reminding you to always Keep Love Above.

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