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What Will You Decide?

Perhaps today you are feeling down and you may think things all around are too hard for you. Well, my dear friend, life is mostly hard and most the time we just don't get want we want exactly as we want it. But I have good news for you.

If you do this one thing every day your life will change for the better and your image of the world around you will be bearable. Yes, this one thing will lift you up and give you a good start and direction.

Go out and walk. Walk alone and breath and smell the outside.

If you exercise every day, move, breath, stretch, make your heart pump a bit faster. You will not only add quality years to your life, you will feel better because it changes you physiologically. Exercise is the best medicine for anyone today.

We are so controlled by our smartphones, tablets, computers, tv's, that we just don't move. You don't have to train to run a marathon, no, just go out and walk, but move.

Depression will leave and your mind will start to clear up and feel better, more positive.

This is the only life you have, it is not a rehearsal for some other one.

Live it with all your health. Mentally and physically. It is beautiful that way!

If you are fighting and injustice, if life is too hard, if things are not going right if you are down and depressed, go outside, walk for 20 minutes and then feel the positive, all-around goodness in your mind and body and outlook of life you will have.

I dare you, my dear friend, to go do it and then you will see how right life is and will continue to be.

This is Mariam from My Ami Way to yours reminding you that Life is Beautiful and always Keep Love Above. Now go for a walk!

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