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Will It Lift Me or Will I Lift Others?

Pride and self have been elevated and exalted for years.

The "self-esteem" movement has made people concentrate on themselves more than on anyone else, thus creating a culture of selfish dominance. There is a fascination in the culture with living for self and pleasure of self.

Self Esteem! Love yourself! Since a very young age, people are being taught to concentrate on self and to ask for the praise of self whether you deserve it or not.

Kids are now told that everyone deserves a medal no matter how bad they perform.

So our culture has put everyone in the VIP category without thinking of the disasters they face ahead.

Even though it is good to like who you are, psychologists have taken this to a very different level. One that is hurting instead of helping. One that has made for very selfish individuals.

You are not as important as you think you are. The fact of the matter is that we are of far less importance in this world than we think we are.

We are! And so what? Ask yourself, why are you so important, and for what reason?

Does the Creator of Heaven and Earth depend on you to make the sunshine? We can only do as we can do, and maybe sometimes, that is not much. So What! Get over it!

Get over yourself!

A wise woman once told me that you would kill yourself chasing after pleasure. That having no limits or boundaries and a clear God-Given roadmap you would die a very hard death.

She said that pleasure was the sure death of dignity, respect, achievement, refinement, development, potential, and individuality. It is the killing of your life, the killing of your future.

I believe today in this world we live in this is true.

You have to get passed being endlessly entertained, fulfilling your lusts and pleasures and desires, and really matter in this world.

Selfishness destroys love, relationships, and families.

What is the killer of all relationships? Pride.

Pride kills all relationships.

It kills, care, sacrifice, kindness, and the supreme virtue that is humility.

Only humble people love.

Pride dishonors while humility exalts. Pride goes before destruction always. Pride will bring you low, while humility brings you honor.

God says that very clearly in his word. Notice that the ten commandments are all for the benefit of another first.

Humble people love and build meaningful relationships.

So loving self and pleasure are in the end a disaster.

Then there is materialism, the love of money, not having money is not good to live well, but loving it more than anyone else. That is the root of all sorts of evils.

Money is necessary to live, and one works to make it but loving it more than, or seeking it more than anything or anyone else, is evil.

When things become more important than people, then you are materialistic.

When you have to have the best phone, the best computer, the greatest tv. This is our culture now.

Man does not consist in the things he has or possesses.

Lots of people are consumed with pleasure, self, and stuff. Some of them will even kill for stuff.

There is no right way other than God's Way and even if you are an atheist you would rather be taken care of, if you find yourself very ill, by someone that truly is humble and dedicated, someone that puts you before them, that thinks first in how to help you better a person that follows the ten commandments rather than a selfish, proud person that is only checking on you because of the material benefit they will get out of you!

This is Mariam from My Ami Way reminding you to check and see if you are of service to others or if you only like to be served.

Keep Love and Humility above!

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