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You only get what you give. Ready or not, it shows!

You have been given the opportunity to live your life as the greatest and not average.

Don't live and average life. It is a waste.

No one remembers average. The average never did anything memorable, amazing, courageous, victorious, incredible, admirable, notorious.

The average never went to the moon or found the cure for measles or fixed a delightful dinner, or sang the greatest song.

No one average will ever do any with passion or dedication. Ever!

The average give anything and everything average.

The only love they give and have is average. Not to satisfy the soul.

They way they perform is average.

They will be content with an average outlook of life.

And, they die an average death.

I'm telling you a truth, just look around you, who do you want to conform to be?

My dear friend, you only get what you give!

Are you average. Well only you can change that.

Today is the day to stop the average way.

This is Mariam and this is a truth from My Ami Way to yours!

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